Got A Wet Musty Basement?

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Do You Have A Wet Musty Basement?  Got Mold & Mildew Problems?

it’s time to get solutions!

Why Do You Need A Musty Basement Solution?

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A Basement Ventilation System (BVS) is the Safer, Better, More Efficient Solution

Basement Ventilation System


Problem Solution
1. Condensation on windows The BVS* removes excess moisture that causes window condensation.
2. Rotting wood due to excess humidity The BVS brings fresh dry air into the basement to help dry it out and keep it dry.
3. Damp basement The BVS removes damp air and replaces it with dry air from upstairs.
4. Musty odors The BVS exhausts musty air to the outside and replaces it with fresh air.
5. Uneven temperatures throughout the home The BVS helps evenly circulate the air in your home.
6. Allergies acting up due to mold mildew The BVS helps expel airborne contaminants that can irritate allergies, from your home.
7. Constantly emptying dehumidifier buckets The BVS has no buckets to empty, no hoses to drain.
8. Constantly emptying dehumidifier buckets BVS is saving energy! Costs only about $4 per month to operate.

* BVS abbreviation for Basement Ventilation System

The Musty Basement Solution:

A Basement Ventilation System is the year-round solution to
your excess humidity problems.

The Features of a Basement Ventilation System:

  • Energy-efficient operating cost: $4/month avg.
  • One unit fits all applications
  • Adjustable Humidity Settings
  • Fully automatic
  • Whisper-quiet fan
  • Electronic humidity sensor
  • UL approved

The Advantages of a Basement Ventilation System:

  • No expensive ductwork required
  • No buckets to empty
  • No maintenance
  • No noisy fans
  • Can be installed out of the site (like in a closet or utility room)



Models Of Basement Ventilation Solutions Available



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