Delta Breez Bathroom Fan

This exhaust bathroom fan is a fantastic low-noise ceiling fan that combines the function of a fan, a heater, and a light to keep your bathroom cool and free from steam. Designed with a DC brushless motor technology, this ventilation fan is powered by 1300 watts heating element and an in-built thermostat for precise temperature control.

The Delta Breez Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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With the overall construction, the Delta Breez Bath Fan (RAD80L 80 CFM)has a lot to offer. First, the casing is made up of galvanized steel for increased durability. The heating element is protected with a metal guard to avoid coming into contact with the heated wire while the detachable plastic duct adapter offers more protection to the entire unit.

For those customers who’ve been complaining about loud noises, the Delta Breez Fan has everything you need. This unit operates at a low rpm of 1.3 sones making it one of the best indoor fans on the market. Designed with a power efficiency of 7.6 CFM/watt, this fan offers a three-year customer warranty making it the perfect option for those customers who need to maintain the overall beauty of their homes.

The Delta Breez Bathroom Fan – Features:

Quiet operation

  • Most customers have long been complaining about the loud noises produced by most ventilation units. Today there’s something to smile about as the Delta BreezRadiance Exhaust Bath Fan produces the lowest sound at just 1.3sones.

A powerful motor

  • The Delta Breez Bath Fan is designed with a powerful DC brushless motor that features a power rating of 120 volts. They equipped the motor with a thermal cutoff fuse, a built-in soft start feature, and an automatic power-off feature in case of an emergency.
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A powerful heater

  • Finally, this ventilation fan is equipped with a 1300 watts heater that’s protected with a metal guard to avoid any accidents. The heater is energy efficient and it offers the perfect way of warming the entire bathroom. Besides that, there’s a dedicated GU24 26-watt bulb that’s aimed at providing sufficient lighting to the entire bathroom area.


  • The Delta Breez Exhaust Bath Fan has been recommended by most customers because of its silent operation.
  • The motor and the heating element both function well, allowing the unit to heat and ventilate the entire bathroom area perfectly well.
  • Most customers have appreciated the power efficiency capability of this unit, stating that it saves on energy costs.
  • Installation of the Delta Breez Radiance Exhaust Bath Fan is relatively simple.
  • This ventilation fan has a stylish design that blends with most interior décor.


  • This ventilation unit is just perfect. However, some customers have complained about the motor stating that it’s quite weak and doesn’t do much.
  • Some other customers have complained about the exhaust, stating that it’s quite slow when sucking steam out of the room.


The Delta Breez Exhaust Bathroom Fan is one of the best ventilation units to consider for your home bathroom. Designed with a solid-based construction that includes a silent motor, a powerful heater, and plastic shield bumpers, the Delta Breez Bath Fan is what every customer should look for. Built with energy efficiency capability, this ventilation fan is very strong and has received superb ratings from a majority of online customers.

Comparison of Products

Now, although the Delta BreezRadiance Exhaust Bath Fan has performed well in terms of output, several readers have informed us and asked us to provide a product comparison. Some people found its motor was weak and unable to deliver to its full capacity. Because of this setback, we opted to compare two close units to give customers a chance to compare before making their final decision.

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Broan-Nutone 665RP Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Home Bathroom

The NuTone 665RP multipurpose ceiling unit is designed to combine a ventilating fan, lighting, and powerful fan-forced heater all into one unit. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, this unit features a 70 CFM exhaust fan, a 100 watts bright light, and a 1250 watts heater to keep your bathroom fresh, lit up, and warm enough to offer a superb bath in the morning.

Designed with easily mounting clips, this unit is very easy to install and operate. The white polymeric grill provides cover to the entire unit when installed, making it highly stylish when placed on a white ceiling. Available with a sound rating of 4.0 sones, the NuTone 665RP multipurpose ceiling unit is what every customer should look for in this new season.

Delta Breez Exhaust Fan –SLM70 Slim 70 CFM

Next, we have the Delta Breez bathroom fan is an excellent Exhaust Fan. Weighs less than 5 pounds, and it is a compact fan and powerful enough to eliminate steam from the bathroom while keeping it fresh and warm at all times. Designed for both ceiling and sidewall installation, this unit operates at 70 CFM and has a sound rating of 2.0 sones.

The Delta Breez fan is also classified as energy-efficient and is the perfect choice for those customers looking for high-quality ventilation and heating unit with the lowest power consumption. In all, it is an excellent house air extractor.


The delta breez radiance exhaust fan is a great product for those who have trouble sleeping through the night due to hot nights. This device keeps you cool by blowing air on your face and neck so you can sleep comfortably. The design is sleek and there are multiple color options.

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The Radiance uses a remote control and can be positioned at the head of your bed or on a stand as far away as six feet! The Delta Breez Radiance is designed to keep you cool while sleeping by blowing air onto your face and neck. With modern technology, they have streamlined this product into a sleek, compact design that comes in multiple colors with its remote-controlled system providing up to six feet of space between the device and its controller.

Summary Page & Key Takeaways

💡 The Delta Breez Exhaust Bathroom Fan is a low-noise ceiling fan that functions as a fan, heater, and light for maintaining a cool and steam-free bathroom.

💡 The fan is made of durable galvanized steel casing, with a metal guard protecting the heating element and a detachable plastic duct adapter for added protection.

💡 The Delta Breez RAD80L operates at a low noise level of 1.3 sones, making it one of the quietest indoor fans available, and it has a power efficiency of 7.6 CFM/watt.

💡 Features of the fan include quiet operation, a powerful DC brushless motor with a thermal cutoff fuse and soft start feature, a 1300-watt heater with a metal guard, and a GU24 26-watt bulb for sufficient lighting.

💡 Pros of the Delta Breez Bathroom Fan include silent operation, effective heating and ventilation, power efficiency, and easy installation with a stylish design.

💡 Cons mentioned by some customers include a weak motor and slower exhaust performance for steam removal.

💡 A product comparison is provided, highlighting the Broan-Nutone 665RP Heater, Fan, and Light Combo and the Delta Breez SLM70 Slim 70 CFM Exhaust Fan as alternative options.

💡 The Delta Breez is recommended for its cooling function during hot nights, sleek design, multiple color options, and remote-controlled operation with up to six feet of distance between the device and controller.