Air King BFQ90 Bathroom Fan Review

Air King BFQ 90 High Performance Bath Fan

The Air King BFQ90 Bathroom Fan is…

a high performance, one of the most affordable brands on the market today.

But it is not only because of the price that people are buying it but also because of its effectiveness in keeping their bathroom less humid and odor-free. It also has a number of special features and included accessories that make the installation process easy.

You can safely mount it on the ceiling over your tub or shower, making sure that it is on a GFCI circuit. But what really sets this apart from a regular bathroom fan is its latest technology incorporated in the powerful motor. This allows up to 90-115 CMF of airflow capacity and only 2.5 sones of noise.

All of the parts are also guaranteed durable. The housing is made of high-impact plastic that also helps in reducing the noise that the fan produces. Meanwhile, the white grill is made of polymeric to complement most decors. Moreover, the box also includes the 4-inch plastic duct collar, backdraft damper, wire nuts, and a Romex connector.

UL, Culus, HVI 2100, and R-40 have certified this product as safe, long-lasting, and effective to use in the house. It has also passed the standards and specifications of ASHRAE 62.2 for local exhaust. Lastly, it is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Air King BFQ 90 High-Performance Bath Fan

Air King BFQ90 Bathroom Fan Review




  • A ceiling-mounted type of bathroom or exhaust fan
  • Runs with a powerful motor that allows 90-115 CMF airflow capacity
  • UL-Listed, Culus-listed, and Home Ventilation Institute certified
  • Requires GFCI branch circuit wiring
  • Produces noise at 2.5 sones while in operation
  • Features the Snap-In Installation System that makes mounting and assembly easy for users
  • Includes a 10 x 10 inches of white/cream polymeric grille and plastic housing that help reduce noise
  • What is in the box: 4-inch duct collar, backdraft damper, mounting bracket, wire nuts, Romex connector, and user manual
  • Passed the standards and specification of ASHRAE 62.2 and R-40
  • Comes complete with a 1-year manufacturer warranty on parts


Keeping your bathroom well ventilated does not have to be tedious and expensive for you can always buy a bathroom fan like the Air King BFQ 90 High-Performance Bath Fan. This product is one of the best brands on the market that is offered at a budget-friendly price. Determine if this would be the right bathroom fan you are looking for as you read its features and benefits below.

When purchasing a bathroom fan, you want something that is really effective in making your shower room a healthier place for the whole family. The higher the airflow capacity, the more efficient the bathroom fan is in reducing the humidity and preventing mildew buildup.

This product is rated 90-115 CFM, which is high enough to be at par with the leading brands today. It produces only 2.5 sones of noise.

The materials and engineering of the whole unit also help in reducing the sound it produces. For example, the grille and the housing are made of polymeric and high-impact plastic. These materials are both durable and not prone to breakage, unlike bent or welded steel, which makes a rattling sound.

Moreover, they are also rust- and water-resistant, prolonging the product life of your bathroom fan. Indeed, this is ideal in areas with humid environments or high moisture levels.

Another good thing about this bathroom fan is its snap-in installation feature. Using screws, you can assemble the casing, fan, and all the other parts within an hour all by yourself. According to the reviews, it is by far the easiest bathroom fan to assemble and install without the need of a professional.

But of course, the easy installation feature would not be good if you do not have everything that you need to assemble and install the unit. That is why the manufacturer included all the mounting brackets, wire nuts, and even a Romex connector in the box. In other words, you do not have to buy anything separately.


There are a lot of great features that this low-budget deserves to boast. However, it is not yet perfect. The areas to improve are in design and performance. One of the things that you will notice about this unit is that the slots of the grille are big.

While the big slots help in the exhaust of air better and faster, the housing is more visible from below. Aside from this, the noise it produces is not whisper-silent; you will still hear the sound when the unit is on but not to the point that it is disturbing.


Highlighting the snap-in installation system and the powerful motor, the Air King BFQ 90 High-Performance Bath Fan, 90-CFM is no doubt a great buy. It is a reliable bathroom fan that is also affordable. Therefore, this brand deserves to be considered one of the best today. Get your own unit to experience its benefits for yourself.

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