Do Bathroom Fans Get Rid of Smells

Do Bathroom Fans Get Rid of Smells

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Have you ever used the bathroom at some point only to be completely embarrassed by the amount of foul smell you’ve left behind? Have you also walked into a friend’s bathroom only to be welcomed by a stinking smell due to the clogged dampness inside? Well, these are the two main reasons why proper ventilation is necessary for every bathroom. Most people may not understand the importance of installing a bathroom fan in their homes but the minute you host your colleagues, friends or family members for a night party, I believe you’ll see the real importance of having such a gadget installed in your home.

There are two major categories of bathroom de-smelling which require you to install a bathroom fan with ease. One of them is instant (emergency) while the other is atmospheric. The former involves using the bathroom/toilet then you realize you need a faster mechanism of sucking out the bad odor while the latter involves ventilating the bathroom to eliminate dampness, moisture, and common bathroom scents.

Do Bathroom Fans Get Rid of Smells?

Most beginners in the world of bathroom fans have been asking this question over and over again—do bathroom fans get rid of smells? The answer is YES. Bathroom fans are the most efficient ventilation units that keep your bathroom fresh and free from bad odors, smells, and common bathroom scents. For them to be effective, bathroom fans need to be installed well with the help of professional technicians to avoid any errors. During operation, these fans allow a continuous flow of fresh air from the roof into the bathroom through the vents and the ductwork installed in the attic. Today’s bathroom fans are energy efficient and versatile enough to operate both as fans and warmers.

First, let’s highlight some alternative ways of eliminating smells

Before we move on, let me state that most homeowners have considered alternative ways of eliminating bad smells from their bathrooms. Among the common methods used by majority of the people include:


The majority of home occupants have considered vacuuming their bathrooms using the available upholstery attachments. Using scented soap products, such people have considered vacuuming the bathroom tiles from the floor, the walls to the ceiling leaving the entire room fresh and scented.

Using baking soda

Other homeowners have considered testing the magic behind baking soda. According to their report, sprinkling baking soda throughout the ceramic/tiled floor then leaving it overnight helps in absorption and elimination of bad odors without facing any difficulty.

Scented candles

Other homeowners believe in the power of scented candles. Such candles (especially those made with essential oils and fragrances) aid in deodorizing the bathroom, eliminating all bad odors with ease. Most people prefer going for those floral or citrus oils due to their strong scents. Essential oils are perfect because they offer vast health benefits to your body when inhaled.

Scented sprays

This is one of the most common methods used by a majority of homeowners to get rid of bad smells. Air fresheners are designed to be used in bathrooms to eliminate level one scents when someone uses the bathroom. Although they offer the perfect way of deodorizing the bathroom, they’re not recommended for asthmatic people or those who are allergic to strong scents.

Bathroom vent fans

Finally, we’re back to our topic. Although all the above methods are perfect ways of eliminating smells from a bathroom, they all have at least one or two health disadvantages to the user. Due to this reason, a bathroom fan is the perfect way of ventilating a bathroom to keep it fresh and free from odors.

The position of the fan

Before installing a bathroom fan, one thing you need to keep in mind is the location. Where are you planning to install the fan? By logic, a bathroom fan is supposed to be installed in the upper part of the room. However, most people do not know the reason why. You see, when using a bathroom, there will be hot air caused by the steaming water. Warm air rises upwards so with a perfect fan already installed close enough to the ceiling, the hot air will be sucked in, leaving the room cool and fresh.

Final thoughts: Do Bathroom Fans Get Rid of Smells?

Now that we’ve explained everything you need to know about bathroom fans, I would personally recommend this method to all homeowners. Although some people may consider alternative options as the ones highlighted above, a bathroom fan will remain to be the only reliable method due to its efficiency, versatility, and simplicity.

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