Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination

Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination Review

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Why settle for an ordinary bathroom fan when you can have an amazing product that not only ventilates but also brighten your restroom? The Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination is indeed a powerful unit that will keep your bathroom dry and also bright. It runs at 50 CFM while operating quietly at 2.5 sones.

In other words, it is good at preventing moisture and mold problems with less noise, which is a common problem with powerful motors. Meanwhile, the plug-in motor is permanently lubricated and promises to perform well consistently every day. This also thanks to the other components such as the polymeric fan impeller.

As proof, this product is UL-listed and HVI certified, which also means that it is safe to install and use in your home. Moreover, this bathroom fan also has a two-function control once it is connected to a GFCI-protected circuit for added convenience.

The bathroom fan can use a light bulb up to 100-watts, as per your choice. Once you add the bulb to the built-in and shatter-resistant lens, the bulb will be able to shed even distribution of light in your bathroom. The installation process of the whole unit is so easy due to the key-holed mounting brackets, polymeric duct connectors, and backdraft damper.

Now, do not think you can only use this for your bathrooms, because of its simple white color, this unit will complement any room.

Features of Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination

  • A ceiling mounted fan and light for bathroom or room ventilation and lighting
  • Runs with powerful plug-in motor that is permanently lubricated; performs consistently and won’t wear easily
  • UL listed and Home Ventilation Institute certified
  • Runs within 50 CFM and operates quietly within 2.5 sones
  • Features key-holed mounting brackets, polymeric duct connectors, and backdraft damper for easy and accurate installation
  • Made of durable galvanized steel material
  • Includes a light diffusion lens that is shatter-resistant
  • Accepts up to 100-watt of light bulb (not included in the purchase)
  • Includes a 10 x 11 inches white grille that is made of polymeric grille, complementing any room decor
  • Product dimensions: 8 x 8.25 x 4.24 inches
  • Rated 1.6 Amps
  • Comes complete with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


The Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination one of those less-expensive bathroom fans on the market today. However, it is not only because of the price that people choose this bathroom fan over others, but because of its reliable performance. In fact, Broan has been a leading maker of ventilation fans in North America since 1932. So, when it comes to reliability, its manufacturer is no doubt trustworthy.

Aside from affordability, this bathroom fan also boasts of its functionality. It is more than a ventilation fan that will improve the air and odor of your restroom because it also has a light to add brightness. This combination is what makes the whole unit look more desirable compared to those standalone bathroom fans offered in the same price range.

When buying a bathroom fan, one important factor to check is the overall build or construction. Looking at the quality of materials and how the parts are put together, you will be convinced that it is professionally manufactured. For example, the plug-in motor is already permanently lubricated to ensure consistent operation. This also spells convenience because you no longer have to add lubrication to keep the motor running well. Meanwhile, the body is made of galvanized steel, which is a convincingly durable material. The light diffuser lens is shatter resistant as well.

As mentioned above, this is not only a ventilation fan for bathrooms but for any room. Its design is simple, with a classic grille that complements any decor. And since it is mounted on the ceiling, it won’t really matter where you install it. If you have allergy or asthma, you will surely benefit with this ventilation fan.

Speaking of installation, don’t forget that this factor also matters when choosing the right bathroom fan. Fortunately, the product features mounting brackets, polymeric duct connectors, and backdraft damper that will be easy for you to install the entire unit.

Of course, safety is also paramount in bathroom fans, especially with lights. This unit takes a bulb up to 100 watts and will safely operate as approved by the HIV and UL standards.


Most of the advantages of this product are also its disadvantages. The light cover may dim the light of the bulb. Aside from this, another drawback is that that the bulb is not yet included in the purchase. So maybe you can just choose a very bright bulb that will not be affected by the cover. Lastly, take note that this unit may produce a rattling noise while in operation.


Overall, the Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination is a great choice. It is might not be as silent or as powerful as the leading brands, but it sure has the capabilities to keep your bathroom odor and moisture free. Therefore, it is recommendable.

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