Are Bathroom Fans Required

Are Bathroom Fans Required

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A bathroom is an essential place where most people go to relax and meditate. While in the bathroom, you not only bathe to get clean but you also allow the hot steam to surround you and create a relaxing mood. Although this experience creates a great feeling for you, leaving too much steam in the bathroom can be disastrous as it can easily damage the walls, the bathtub, the shower curtain, and the tiles if you’re not careful.

Excess moisture or steam in the bathroom actually raises the humidity levels, creating a perfect environment for mold, mildew, and microorganisms to multiply. Apart from damaging the walls, the curtains, the tiles, and the bathroom doors, this moisture puts your family’s health in jeopardy if it’s not taken care of at an early stage.

Now, having said that, one of the best remedies every homeowner should think of when tackling such a setback is through installing a ventilation exhaust fan. Depending on the design of your bathroom, some people may have considered building the house with large windows which when opened can help eliminate bad odors, steam, moisture, and humidity. Although windows do help in eliminating stinky smells and humidity from the bathroom, most professionals advise homeowners to consider installing exhaust fans as they remove fumes and odors much faster than open windows.

Are Bathroom Fans Required?

Bathroom fans are much more reliable than windows because they depend on the ductwork to suck odors from the bathroom then push in fresh air from the room. This circulation of air is the main reason why most people prefer installing exhaust fans over just having windows.

Bathroom fans are also more reliable than ever before. Today’s bathroom fans are more versatile as they offer you the opportunity to ventilate, warm, and light up the bathroom using the available independent switches. These fans are affordable, relatively silent while operating, and they consume less power as compared to older units.

By calling a professional technician to fix the unit, you’ll be able to enjoy the vast benefits offered by today’s bathroom fans anytime you take a hot shower. Now, having said that, this post will highlight four key benefits of bathroom fans that will answer your question of whether or not they’re required in your bathroom.

Eliminates mold and mildew

I believe you all enjoy breathing fresh air right? One way of welcoming freshness in your rooms is through ventilating your house or office to allow precise air circulation throughout the place. According to most professional doctors, mold and mildew are some of the major causes of most diseases. When you’re not breathing fresh air, you’ll not only get sick, but your mind will not be in a position to function well.

Mold and mildew mostly breed in poorly ventilated areas where there’s excess moisture in the air. One such place is the bathroom. If you’re keen, I believe you’ve once seen black build-up around the tub, the tiles, and on the walls. This kind of mold is very dangerous when inhaled and can cause severe health issues if prolonged. Now, the reason why a bathroom fan is required in such a situation is to suck up moisture, steam, and odors from the bathroom, leaving it fresh to avoid the breeding of such bacterium.

Gives the room a fresher scent

If your bathroom smells, then it doesn’t create a peaceful environment. As I stated earlier at the beginning of this post, the bathroom is the perfect place where you can sit and relax your mind. Now, to ensure that you enjoy your time while in there, the place needs to be fresh and free from stinky odors. To achieve this, install a bathroom fan that will not only warm up the room but will also allow continuous circulation of fresh air. When the air is clean, it gives you the confidence of even hosting high profile visitors as you’ll not have anything to be embarrassed about.

Reduces the maintenance cost

Another reason why are bathroom fans required is because it reduce the overall cost of maintenance caused by humidity. With excess humidity in the bathroom, your walls will start to deteriorate while the paint will peel off, causing discoloration on the ceiling and the tiles. To ensure that you don’t get to such a point, a bathroom fan will need to be installed as it will ensure that any humidity build-up within the bathroom is eliminated with ease.

Bottom line

As I conclude, I would highly recommend all homeowners to consider installing bathroom fans in their rooms to get rid of bad odors, steam, and humidity as they can cause mold and mildew. Bathroom fans are affordable, easy to install, and they’re power efficient, meaning they don’t consume a lot of electricity. Most of them come with three in one functionality where they not only ventilate your bathroom, but they also warm up the bathroom and provide sufficient lighting to make bathing a little more fun.

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